Services offered by LABEEG

    Currently servicing the following areas:
    Nevada: Idaho: Reno Boise Sparks Meridian Carson City Eagle Fallon Garden City Fernley

    Office cleaning – Complete cleaning of your office, including dusting, vacuuming, empty trash, remove smudges on walls, vents cleaned, cobwebs removed, garbage emptied, liners back in garbage cans, entrance windows cleaned.

    Terminally cleaned rooms - Labeeg is qualified to terminally clean medical rooms. Labeeg expertise and years of experience in the health industry, has many clean conscious health care professionals turning to Labeeg for their most sensitive medical rooms.

    Carpets cleaned - Labeeg does carpet jobs both large and small.

    Floors stripped and waxed - Labeeg can make the dullest floor shine, usually done on weekends, and Labeeg will make your hard floors look their best.

    Buffing program - Labeeg can buff your floors on a regular basis to insure your floors are polished, on an on-going basis.

    Window cleaning - Labeeg does windows, both inside and out (first floor only), we also can add any windows to your weekly or monthly program.

    Deep cleaning - for those offices that have been neglected or left in a mess. Labeeg can clean an office or building and bring back a clean workable atmosphere. Dust laying around causes allergies, and headaches, bring your office up to your employees standards. Labeeg will maintain your office or building to those standards once we have the deep cleaning done.

    Power washing - Labeeg can power wash your building, sidewalks, or entrances.

    Custom Cleaning Packages - Call us today to see how Labeeg can help you with your special cleaning requests. We will answer your questions, address your special cleaning needs, and offer you the best cleaning service possible, the Labeeg Clean way.

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